From September 2016

The fees from September 2016 for the Pre-Prep School will be £2,379 per term.  For the Nursery, the fees will be charged according to the number of sessions per week that a child attends, the minimum number of sessions being four, and the maximum ten.

4 sessions £1,419
5 sessions £1,547
6 sessions £1,674
7 sessions £1,800
8 sessions £1,927
9 sessions £2,054
10 sessions £2,181
Main School £2,379
(£7,137 Annually)

Additional Charges:

Early Morning Care £3.50 per session
After School Care £3.50 per hour
Lunches are not included in the above fees.  All children in the Pre-Prep Department are expected to take School lunch; the cost from September 2016 will be £3.30 per day

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