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Year 2 trip to Cadbury World

March 25th, 2017

On Thursday Year 2 set off on their much anticipated trip to Cadbury World. They enthusiastically followed a trail to discover lots of facts about the chocolate making process and had the chance to handle some of the ingredients and equipment used… Read more

Miss Lane’s class assembly

March 25th, 2017

On Wednesday morning 2L treated us to a feast of literature with an assembly featuring an array of unusual characters from all of their favourite stories. Each scene was a little gem in its own right and we all enjoyed… Read more

Abolish homework forever, take more lessons into the great outdoors and allow children to do as they please. That was the advice of three revolutionary head teachers at Agincourt School & Nursery, Inglefield House and The Grange Monmouth Preparatory School… Read more

On a beautiful sunny morning our Reception classes went to Humble Farm to meet the newborn animals and learn a little more about where our food comes from. They had a great deal of fun watching the farmer feed the… Read more

Mrs Chowns’ Class Assembly

March 16th, 2017

On Wednesday morning the Nursery children and I were treated to a matinee performance of 2C’s excellent ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ themed assembly. The children ran through a complete A to Z of interesting chocolate related facts as well… Read more

School Council Meeting

March 9th, 2017

Our School Council for the Lent term, composed of Matilda, Grace, Loveday, James, Herbie, Joseph and Leo, had their first meeting with Mrs Phillips this week. The children brought lots of great ideas to the table, including ideas for new clubs,… Read more

On Wednesday morning 1F invited us to board Agincourt Airlines very own Franklin Flight 8316 for Mumbai. Unfortunately the in-flight entertainment system was out of order so our imaginative fellow passengers treated us to song, dance and shared lots of… Read more

A large party of visiting Haberdashers, Governors and honoured guests began their deputation visit on Monday with a terrific day spent at HMSG and Inglefield House, followed by an excellent dinner with some of our longest standing and newer members of… Read more

On Wednesday our Nursery children were invited to visit Inglefield House for the afternoon. The Year 3 girls had been working on a project to create their own story books to share with younger readers. The Nursery children all enjoyed… Read more

On Wednesday the whole School and Nursery celebrated the joy of being Welsh, or for the English amongst us the opportunity to sing, dance and eat too many Welsh cakes! Mrs Clifton’s Year 1 Dance Troupe did us proud with… Read more

On 28th February our culinary World Tour landed in Wales. Shrove Tuesday, as it turned out, was a particularly good day on which to arrive. The Year 1 and Nursery classes were busy cooking and tossing pancakes, which were served up… Read more

Reception’s German Market

February 24th, 2017

The Reception children were very excited to be hosting a German market in the hall this morning. They had decorated the room with flags, gingerbread people, poster and balloons, so it was a very colourful affair. The Nursery and School… Read more

Healthy Teeth Workshop

February 23rd, 2017

Year 2 had a visit from the dentist on Thursday afternoon. Dr Kirsty Parry from Cardiff Dental Hospital encouraged the children to think about the amount of sugar that is in some of their favourite sweet treats. She showed the… Read more

Year 1 were enormously excited to be heading out on a hunt for a giant on Monday. They found all sorts of clues along the way and were well and truly fired up and ready to write about their experiences… Read more

Year 2 were invited to enjoy their first taste of life at The Grange and Inglefield House today. They had a lot of fun collaborating with the older children and took part in some fun and creative activities. The children all… Read more

Glorious Gardens in Nursery

February 2nd, 2017

Yes, it was ‘G’ week in Nursery and there were all sorts of great activities to get to grips with. The children learnt about ‘Going Green’ and made posters to promote recycling after sorting a sack of rubbish into the… Read more

Mrs Lewis’ Class Assembly

January 26th, 2017

Mrs Lewis and her happy band of Chinese animals performed a fantastic assembly for us on Wednesday. The performance was stylish and slick and the children all spoke out confidently and clearly. With a beautiful lantern dance, dramatic dragon dance… Read more

Year 2 Chocolate Factory

January 19th, 2017

On Friday morning Agincourt was delighted to welcome the current Head Girl of Inglefield House and some members of her prefect team to the School. Mr Down and the Oompa Loompa crew taught Year 2 about where our chocolate comes… Read more

Nursery Mud Slide!

January 19th, 2017

The Nursery children had a huge amount of fun on Wednesday morning when they created their own mud slide. The children carefully collected some mud samples in their containers before gearing up to take a turn on the mud slide. The… Read more

Year 1 trip to Over Farm

January 12th, 2017

Year 1 had a terrific time on their trip to Over Farm on Wednesday. The children visited the crops in the fields and impressed Alison with their bravery in tasting raw chard and curly kale! After a visit to the… Read more